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The environment of Pension Impuls


You can camp in the orchard. The goat has an appetite for apples from the orchard.

The campfire and barbecue site. The storks on top of the stable.

The campers in the backyard, in the shadow of the trees. A view from the meadow.

The drive


Before you know it the village is behind you, including the shop. The shop is 10 minutes walkingdistance from Impuls. Most daily needs can be bought.

De lock near the lake and the island. 

To canoe or not to canoe, that is the question

In the summer you can go canoeing everywhere.
You can make trips on the lakes or like here on the famous Krutynia trail

You cross the beautiful nature of Krutynia.

And most of the time you can keep it dry. A boat, a boat, a kingdom for a dry boat!


Here you can visit the farm from Ulrike and Martin. This farm is located 5 km. from Pension Impuls.

They have a large horse-farm with Trakhener horses..

You can ride horses here, both inside and outside. Via Impuls you can rent appartments..

The horses on the hill. The farm in the background.

The horses can be bought.

A beautiful farm hidden in the hills of MazuriŰ.

Time for rest and refreshment.

Swieta Lipka

On a piece of land between two lakes in a beautiful forest-area, the monastery and church of Swieta Lipka (Holy Lime tree) is located. According to historic belief Saint Mary appeared here between the branches of a Lime Tree. History dates back to 1482, when already there was a chapel. In the 17th century the monastery became Jezu´te. More miracles occurred. Pilgrims from all winds visited the monastery and the chapel..

In1681 the construction of the present complex started. Inside the church is beautifully decorated. A large organ from 1721 with movig ornaments, is used for daily concerts. The chapels are decorated with illusionistic paintings of Jan Majer. Well worth a visit..



This historical town is located 12 km from Pilec. In the middle ages it lay along an important merchant route. At the marketsquare there are old patrician houses and a neo-classicistic townhall. South east from there you will find the castle (built between 1350 and 1400). You can visit the castle and climb the tower, where you will oversee the countryside. In the castle you can buy a drink. Next to the castle is a museum with various exhibits.

The castle

Jesus with the cross in front of the church.

The gate of the castle.

A very old house. Even the restauration is in decay.


Mragowo is a nice town, located 15 km from Pilec. The town is situated between the lakes Juno and Czos . There are a lot of nice shops and a daily market where you can find anything you want and buy real Polish products. There are restaurants and terraces. In the summer, end of august, there is the "Piknik Country" festival where famous country & western groups appear.

A sunny day at the market

Lets buy some clothes...



This town is located 15 km from Pilec. The town dates back to the 13th century, originating from a cruisade-castle. This castle now is a museum. The town has many shops and there is a daily market. You can visit the state horse farm.

Near Ketrzyn, some kilometers east at the village of Gierloz, the former eastern headquearters of Hitler, the (in)famous Wolfs Lair ("Wolfschanze" or "Wilczy Szaniec") is located. From june 1941 to november 1944 the Nazi top used this location. It was here where the well known assassination attempt took place on juli 20, 1944 by Von Stauffenberg, at which he was not killed (unfortunately!) . When the Red Army arrived on the 20th november 1944, he fled to Berlin. The whole complex then was destructed with dynamite. You can visit the ru´nes.

A look inside one of the bunkers

The complex was hiddem with artificial camouflage material, that changed with the seasons. Only in 1945 it was discoverd by the allies.
When the front in 1944 came too close, the headquarters were moved to Berlin. The Wehrmacht tried to blow up the complex end januari of 1945, but because of the thick walls (6 meters, ceilings even 8 meter) this did not succeed completely. Also later attempts by the Russians did not succeed.
The complex is 18 ha. and from the original 80 bunkers the public can visit about 50.

Hitlers Bunker



Popielno is located around 40 km from Pilec.

At lake Sniardwy a reservate is located with koniks, tarpans, Mazurian deer and beavers. The tarpan is the forfather of the current horse. You can visit the reservate by car, bicycle and on foot. Children are allowed to touch the beavers.

The ferry from Mikolajki to Popielno.

Mother and child Beaver eating an apple.

The tarpans in the park.